Mobile Solutions

With mobile devices becoming ubiquitous across society, the Federal Government is seeking platform independent companies like MindPetal to mobilize its existing applications and to create dynamics on-the-go solutions. The increasing use of mobile technologies allows the federal workforce to meet its mission objectives in a variety of locations. A wide variety of mobile platforms and mobile application development technology choices are challenges that typical projects face when developing a mobile strategy and implementing the roadmap. Our team is well versed in defining the mobile strategy and implementing platform independent mobile applications. We have specialized expertise in both open source mobile framework like Sencha Touch and Oracle’s proprietary framework based on ADF.

MindPetal brings expertise in seamlessly interfacing mobile applications with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform and Business Process Management (BPM) based solutions. Our expertise in SOA and BPM enables us to provide effective workflow management, efficient data management and sharing among enterprise applications and groups. MindPetal’s methodology for creating and deploying mobile applications is provided below:

Mobile Device Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) – Detailed analysis of mobile device alternatives (PDAs, Smart Phones, etc.) that will meet high level objectives for broader production deployment of a mobile solution. Analysis should factor in design requirements, architectural constraints, and budgetary constraints. Additionally, the AoA must factor in all applicable federal policy and departmental / federal security (NIST, etc.).

Mobile Requirements Development – Detailed requirements gathering for the targeted production mobile solution. This activity could include the facilitation of user group sessions aimed at gathering specific input into mobile recruitments, analysis of existing functional / technical requirements for the broader system, and the creation of detailed functional and technical requirements for the Mobile solution. These requirements should include any applicable use cases.

Mobile Solution Design – Detailed design activities that will serve as a pre-cursor for any mobile solution development activities. This activity could include the risk based prioritization of previously developed requirements, elaboration of use cases created as part of requirements development activity, updating of previously developed activity diagrams and creation of specific sequence diagrams, development of the mobile solution data architecture, and the creation of storyboards and associated UML based modeling artifacts.

Mobile Prototype Development, Deployment & Testing – This activity includes the actual development of the mobile solution prototype including applicable module design / development, any associated interface development, and applicable developer unit testing of the solution. Additionally, included is any applicable testing of the prototype solution prior to deployment (i.e., system testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing).

Mobile Lessons Learned / Production Deployment Strategy – This activity includes a detailed assessment of the results of the mobile prototype deployment activity and provides specific recommendations for a broader production deployment of a mobile solution. This includes recommendations for the scope, duration / timelines, and level of effort associated with a broader production deployment. It also provides recommendations for the functionality delivered and how the deployment strategy / approach and specifics for how the approach will marry for the broader solution deployment.

With industry-leading solutions, an innovative mobility platform that provides a foundation for future growth, and the highest levels of management and security, we’ll enable you to quickly develop and deploy solutions that deliver rapid ROI on your mobility initiatives.

What we can do:

We have the capability to deliver end-to-end solutions or any of the above listed steps individually to meet the specific requirements and unique aspects of your mobile needs. "Please select link to read more about our service offerings".

Case Study and Success story:

MindPetal was recently awarded a task at a Federal agency to design, develop, and implement enhancements for its Mobile Workforce implementation. The task includes building a robust architecture that is secure and vendor-neutral in supplying quality mobile services across several areas of utilization. MindPetal will build upon its current mobile applications portfolio and spearhead collaboration efforts with other Federal Agencies in order to maximize mobile resources and to reduce redundant efforts. "Please select link to read more about our SOA/BPM Expertise".