About Services

SOLUTIONS are our Services.

Our solutions are architected to solve your most challenging business and public sector problems. From big picture objectives we design, iteratively develop and integrate business systems. We have proven that complexity can be overcome by simplicity when the right resources interact sufficiently within a proper approach.

MindPetal is interactive in our solution delivery, providing Managerial, Technical and Business insight into our efforts. Interaction requires client involvement, and more importantly it requires teams of experienced professionals who intuitively know our methodology. We spend a significant amount of time and money on our professional staff, not just on technology based training but on working together.

As Technology and Innovation mature, MindPetal adapts and incorporates those products and processes which make sense for the task at hand. We are realists, knowing that each solution will have commonalties and differences. Our lessons learned are one of our most valuable assets, providing common knowledge and quick results.

We are small, pro-active and proud of the team we have built. Regardless of the size of the challenge we face our approach is incremental with the big picture as our target.

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