MindPetal specializes in large Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Process Management (BPM) implementations for Government and Commercial clients. Our practical, agile, and results based approach has proved to be very successful in turning around many large SOA/BPM implementations and making them successful. With many distributed and silo-ed applications the U.S. Federal government faces unique challenges in delivering critical services at home and around the world. Delivering services in an efficient, convenient, and effective way is expected and is critical for meeting agency strategic and budget goals.

Our SOA based approach maximizes the benefits of using COTS based solutions while minimizing integration and performance challenges between products. This approach has been developed based on our specialized expertise and lessons learned from past projects. The specific feature and benefits of our approach include the following.

  • A technical solution that fully exploits the benefits of Service Oriented Architecture, Business Process Management (BPM), XML, Workflow Optimization tools, Data Access, Search, and Reporting.
  • A technical approach that is based on our knowledge of other large SOA / BPM implementations gained over years of experience.
  • Utilization of Open Standards and platform independent solutions to ensure that our clients can easily adapt to future technology changes while integrating efficiently with legacy systems.
  • Focus on our clients’ strategic and business goals to solve current challenges while providing a practical solution that focus on the users of the applications.
  • A product acquisition and sourcing strategy that is based on Analysis of Alternatives (AOA) and prototyping of a representative end-to-end business process on multiple technology stacks. This approach greatly reduces COTS integration issues and save money and time down stream.

We work as small teams with consultants specializing on various aspects of SOA / BPM implementation. When possible, we follow agile/scrum methodology with delivery cycles of 6 months or less.

What we can do:

We are an end-to-end solution provider in the SOA/BPM space with many years of expertise working on large SOA/BPM implementations. "Please select link to read more about our service offerings".

Case Study and Success Story:

MindPetal has worked on many large SOA/BPM implementations and has specialized expertise in Oracle 11G platform. Our functional expertise is on investigation based case management systems. "Please select link to read more about our SOA/BPM Expertise".