Clients and Success Stories

MindPetal Software Solutions clients include the following:

Department of Labour

Department of Labor

National Institutes of Health

National Cancer Institute

Small Business Administration

US Small Business Administration

Peace Grops

Peace Corps.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

US Securities and Exchange Comission

US Securities and Exchange Comission

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Food and Drug Administration


Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Department of Health and Human Services USA

Department of Health and Human Services

BAE Systems

BAE Systems


SRA International, INC


SAIC from science to solutions

Some of our recent sucess stories are listed below:

SOA/BPM : MindPetal team played the key Systems Integrator role in a large legacy system replacement project. The newly redesigned web-based system serves as the sole repository of national occupational safety and health information. This is the largest modernization effort that the Department has under taken. MindPetal reviewed and analyzed existing functional and system requirements to develop an SOA/BPM-based architecture for the new system. The work involved evaluating the legacy and pilot applications and determining how best to utilize COTS products to maximize their benefits. This new architecture made changes to the existing product mix to accommodate rapid application development and deployment on a six months cycle. Our pratical and results based SOA approach coupled with our agile development methodology shortened the development cycle time and enabled better reuse of system components, saving the agency time and resources.

MindPetal team is currently invloved with a large SOA/BPM effort where our role is to develop a flexible SOA/BPM-based architecture to enable rapid application development. This project is one of the largest SOA/BPM effort to date and will span multiple years.

Our team is also invloved in defining the SOA/BPM Roadmap for an agency to maximize the strategic investments the agency has made in COTS products. As part of this effort we will also be defining the Identity Management and Access Management implementation roadmap for the agency.

We have partnered with a large systems integrator to evaluate a large SOA/BPM case management application in production. Our role involves evaluating the existing architecture and making adjustments to make it scalable and flexible. The goal of the project is to extend the SOA/BPM architecture to accomodate other key legacy systems.

Data Management : MindPetal consultants were contracted to perform analysis and propose strategy for consolidating data sources scattered across countries and in multiple formats. The number of data sources, their structured and unstructured nature, and its distributed aspects added to the complexity of the problem. Our consultants were successful in coming up with a strategy for this agency for consolidating their data assets and for establishing a central clearing house for information dissemination.

PMO Support : Mindpetal consultants were engaged in supporting the Project Management Office (PMO) for a large scale development effort spanning multiple years with a budget of approximately $32 million. In this role MindPetal consultants were responsible for setting the technical vision and managing the day-to-day activities of the project. The project has been deployed to production after multiple failed attempts in the past.

EA Support : Mindpetal consultants were successful in developing a consolidated Enterprise Architecture strategy based on Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEAF) for an agency program. In this role they were successful in defining all the models (Performance, Business, Service, Technical) for this program and setting the program on a successful course.

Opensource Development & Support : Mindpetal consultants were engaged in Maintaining and supporting a health management system utlilizing a complete Open Source stack of products. In this role our consultants contributed to the regular maintenance and upgrade builds to support the application. They were also engaged in providing QA and testing support for the system.