MindPetal provides mobile app development consulting and implementation services to our federal customers. 

Our consulting services provide customers with recommendations across multiple technical architecture elements including: 

  • Platform Selection & Development Approach
  • Application Architecture
  • Data Requirements
  • Build Architecture and Release Process
  • External Tools.

Our mobile app development methodology is agile-based with two-week sprints to solicit customer feedback. Our technical analysis and recommendations on the mobile application platform and development approach include review of:

  • Cross-Platform Application Development
  • Hybrid Application Development
  • Progressive Web Application (PWA)
  • Native Application Development.

Case Study

Client: DOI NPS
Contract Value: $1-2M
Place of Performance: Washington,DC
Period of Performance: 2 years

MindPetal’s premier mobile technology solution is for the National Park Service (NPS), one of the most visited federal websites with 96 million users and 497 million pageviews annually. 

MindPetal was selected to build out the NPS mobile app that will replace all existing NPS apps. The NPS mobile app pushes all national and park level content to the mobile app. The project uses an Agile approach with two-week sprints to showcase progress and solicit NPS feedback for inclusion in the next set of sprints. The app integrates with eight third-party resources, technologies, and APIs. The overall architecture for this mobile application includes:

  • Native Web Application Development (iOS and Android)
  • Firebase for the usage analytics, crash reporting and A/B testing
  • AWS SNS for push notifications
  • Mapbox for mapping needs
  • SonarQube for static code analysis
  • GitLab for its code repository
  • Fastlane to automate the iOS and Android build processes
  • APNS for Apple push notifications, GCM for Android push notifications.