MindPetal leverages our systems engineering experience designing, building, and integrating complex, enterprise-level solutions to provide ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) support. MindPetal’s O&M services monitor system performance, maintain systems and configurations, manage change, and enhance/modernize applications and IT infrastructure to ensure system availability and security. Specific services offered include:

  • Service Desk
  • Network and systems administration
  • Server performance monitoring
  • Database administration
  • Configuration management
  • Software maintenance and upgrades
  • IT infrastructure optimization.

Case Study

Client: DOL OCIO
Contract Value: $100M-110M
Place of Performance: Washington,DC
Period of Performance: 7 years

MindPetal is the principal subcontractor providing IT Operations & Maintenance (ITOM) support for the DOL OCIO. MindPetal provides DOL with enterprise operations and maintenance support services to manage, operate and secure DOL’s diverse infrastructures, business applications, IT and Cloud services, and other technology-enabled solutions. ITOM supports more than 4,000 end-users at DOL headquarters in Washington, D.C. and 16,000 end-users throughout the U.S.